Penomet video review

Small sized penis is quite discouraging, and makes a man to lose confidence when it comes to sex. Due to this reason, penis pumps have been made to make small penises appear bigger. Among all penis pumps in the market, penomet penis pump has emerged the top best. What makes this pump the best is its design. It does not have external tubes, handles, or pump balls. Actually, it is simple to use and self-sufficient.

Penomet penis pump is a water assistance device that can be used to increase your penis effectively. Like the traditional pumps, it can as well be used with air. However, water based technology is the technique that makes this penis pump stand out. Many people, including manufacturer, prefer using it with water for comfort and safety purposes. When is use, it creates a safe vacuum around the entire penis making it to expand. Water provides a comfortable cushion for the penis while expanding. When it is used frequently, both penis thickness and length increases.

Another interesting technique found in penomet penis pumps is the “gaiters” that are attached at the base. This is another feature that distinguishes this penis pump from the others. These gaiters allow the user to pump out water/air, creating a strong and safe vacuum around the penis. The gaiters come in different levels of pumping force. They are differentiated with their colors, with each color indicating a particular level of force. You can order either a standard pack or premium pack, depending on your budget. Standard pack contains gaiters of Force 60 and Force 65, while premium pack contains all the five gaiters. The five gaiters include; Force 60(purple), Force 65(blue), Force 70(black), Force 75(grey), and Force 80(red).

You can use gaiters interchangeably, depending on how your penis feels. It is a reliable product for any man who wants to increase his penis. I strongly recommend going for the premium pack in order to have everything at your disposal.

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