Improve Your Manhood with Penis Exercises

Men who are dissatisfied with the size of their members still have hope with simple and effective penis exercises. These penis exercises can be done in the privacy and comfort of one’s home. A lot of men will definitely raise their eyebrows and scoff at the idea of enlarging one’s manhood, but this is genuinely possible by following the right penis exercises. The key is in using the correct penis exercises that are genuine and effective. Commitment to the regimen is also another factor in ensuring the success of penis exercises.

Penis exercises are a relatively less harmful way to increase one’s penis size, compared to risky and expensive surgery, or dubious machines and tools such as penis pumps. Penis exercises are also safer than chemical-based pills or substances. Apart from increasing length and girth, penis exercises are also beneficial in improving the overall reproductive health and sexual performance of men. Penis exercises can improve sexual stamina, libido, eliminate premature ejaculation, strengthen and intensify ejaculation, help achieve multiple orgasms, and overall increase a man’s confidence in bed with all these positive attributes.

The basic penis exercises

There are basic penis exercises that men can learn and execute regularly. One of the most common involves strengthening a man’s kegel or PC muscle, which is located between the anus and the scrotum. Similar to women, this is a key muscle involved in accurate and effective control of a lot of sexual functions. In men, penis exercises that strengthen the PC muscle can improve and sustain erection and ejaculation. This is important in pleasing women who usually take more time to achieve sexual arousal and satisfaction.

Kegel Penis Exercises

Kegel exercises can be performed at any time of the day and anywhere. All one needs to do is to squeeze and release this muscle repetitively, around maybe 20 to 30 times each session. Slowly increase the number of repetitions and sessions over time until one reaches around 300 squeezes a day. A man can identify that he is correctly squeezing the PC muscle by stopping urine flow when urinating. This act isolates the PC or kegel muscle.


Men who have perfected the kegel or PC muscle strengthening report wonderful improvements that have been done to their erections. They now enjoy harder and more frequent erections, and more forceful or controlled ejaculations leading to less embarrassment caused by premature ejaculation. These are just few of the many positive, life-changing benefits that penis exercises can bring to man’s sex life.

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