Vigrx Plus Canada

VigRx plus is one of the best products on the market for increasing the penis size. Featured in Maxim, Penthouse, Rolling Stone, and Stuff VigRx was a quite familiar penis enlargement pill to us, even before we’d tested it for this comprehensive VigRx Plus review. What we were not so sure about was whether Vigrx could actually deliver the results, and if so, then what kind? the results were largely satisfy!
Over the course of Virgx plus review we found that negligible increase in the penis size. While some of the subject definitely noticed some positive results such as increased sex drive, and longer, more intense orgasms, and was increase in their penis size to.
VigRX plus Pills Product Claims :
* Increase Penis Size
* Increased sex drive and sexual stamina
* More powerful, intense orgasms
* Much harder, bigger and long lasting erections
* Significant reduction in premature ejaculation episodes
How VigRX Works
Various ingredients of VigRX such as Bioperine, Catuaba bark, Asian Red Ginseng, and Saw Palmetto Berry are natural libido boosters. Together they help in creating an effective aphrodisiac that promotes air and blood flow through the body, and stimulates desire. Epimedium leaf and Cuscuta Seeds help in increasing feelings, and strength and volume of semen flow. While Bioperine, Gingko and Hawthorn Berry help in muscle building and cell reproduction, but it has been found that this mix wasn’t helping in enhancement.
VigRX plus Score
We would like to give a score of 5/10 to VigRX. Although it does not lead to any penis enlargement, but it definitely improves ejaculation control and leads to better orgasm and sex. In fact, some people also noticed an increase in their sex drive. However, there was no increase in the length and size of erections. Overall, our conclusion is that this is a good product if you want to increase your penis size.
Safety information
As with other penis enlargement pills, VigRx also contains large number of ingredients that have no side effects. There is one manufactured ingredient called Bioperine, which is harmless and has no side effects. So you can be pretty sure that VigRX pills won’t do any harm to your body.

Money back guarantee!
VigRX also offers a full 60-day money back guarantee on the product. While we’re not sure that this pill might work better for you than it did for our subjects, we definitely wont recommend it. Luckily, you get full 60 days to evaluate the pills and can return them if you are not satisfied with the results.
Web site support
When we tried to get an answer to a question on phone, we were told that telephone operator is there “just there to take payment and process the order”. However, the telephone operator referred us to an email address, and we were successful in getting answers to all our issues. However, it’s definitely troublesome not being able to speak to a live person.
Impressions about the manufacturer
VigRx plus claims that it is a Penis Enhancement Product but it doesn’t mention this in its product claim. All they claim is that these pills lead to bigger and better orgasms, better sex life, longer erections, and penis enhancement!

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